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  • Important legal
  • Data Privacy Notice
    for website visitors
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Anyone viewing information on Web pages published by the LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation (hereinafter "LGT VP") implicitly agrees to the terms and conditions set out below. Any special agreements concerning individual LGT VP products and services apply in addition to these terms and conditions or, if there is a conflict, take precedence over them.

1. Access

None of the information on these Web pages is intended for persons or companies from countries in which viewing such information entails any form of registration requirement on LGT VP's part. Furthermore, persons subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits viewing information on these LGT VP Web pages are not permitted to view said information.

2. No offer or recommendation

None of the information on these Web pages in any way constitutes an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell products or services. It is intended solely for information purposes and for use by the recipient. Accordingly, no buy or sell orders submitted via the message window or e-mail will be accepted. Furthermore, none of the information on these Web pages constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell investment products or to enter into transactions of any kind. Users are advised to consult a qualified person before making investment decisions or decisions of any other kind.

3. No guarantee that information is up to date, correct or complete

The reports on these Web pages are produced by LGT VP staff based on information from sources deemed to be reliable. However, LGT VP offers no guarantee with regard to the content of these reports, which must not be regarded as complete descriptions or summaries of the trends mentioned therein. LGT VP constantly reviews and updates the information on its Web pages. Despite its best efforts, this information may nevertheless be out of date or based on incorrect data provided by third parties. LGT VP therefore accepts no liability for the information provided being up to date, correct and complete.

4. Linked Web pages

Users must be aware that LGT VP has no control whatsoever over third-party Web pages linked to or from LGT VP Web pages and therefore accepts no liability for the content of such Web pages being correct, complete and legally valid or for the products and services offered on such Web pages. LGT VP's express, written permission must always be sought before including a link to an LGT VP Web page on a third-party Web page.

5. Changes and additions

LGT VP reserves the right to make changes and additions to the information provided at any time without prior notice.

6. Local legal restrictions

The LGT VP website is not intended for persons subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits the publication of or access to the LGT VP website due to their nationality or domicile or for any other reason. Persons subject to such restrictions may not access the LGT VP website.

7. Copyright

The content and structure of these Web pages are protected by copyright. Individual pages and/or sections of the LGT VP website may be stored or printed out, provided neither the copyright information nor any legally protected trademarks are removed. Anyone saving software or other data provided on the LGT VP website or reproducing it in any other way implicitly agrees to the conditions of use. All intellectual property rights remain with LGT VP. The LGT VP website may be reproduced in full or in part, in particular its text and images, forwarded electronically or by any other means, altered, linked to or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes only with LGT VP's prior approval.

8. Exclusion of liability

LGT VP expressly accepts no liability for losses or damages of any kind arising from using or accessing the LGT VP website or links to third-party websites or from viewing information on its Web pages. Furthermore, LGT VP accepts no liability for any unauthorized manipulation of users' IT systems. LGT VP expressly draws users' attention to the risk of viruses and the threat of hacker attacks. Using the latest browser version and antivirus software is thus strongly recommended. E-mails from unknown senders should not be opened.

9. Data protection and data transfer security

LGT VP expressly draws users' attention to the fact that data are transferred via public networks such as the Internet or e-mail services, which can be accessed by anyone. LGT VP cannot guarantee the confidentiality of messages or documents sent via such public networks. Anyone sending personal information (such as senders' and recipients' names and addresses) via a public network should be aware that third parties may be able to view, store and use it without their permission. Third parties may thus be able to deduce existing business relationships. Even if the sender and recipient are in the same country, data transferred between them often pass through other countries, including countries that do not offer the same level of data protection as the country in question, without being subject to any controls. Data may be lost or intercepted by unauthorized third parties during the transfer process. LGT VP accepts no liability for the security of data transferred via the Internet or for direct or indirect data loss. For data protection and security reasons, users are advised to contact LGT VP via other means of communication.

This website uses Webtrends Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Webtrends Inc., 851 SW 6th Ave. Suite 1600, Portland, OR 97204, U.S.A. (hereinafter referred to as "Webtrends") and Google Analytics,  a service by Google LLC (“Google”), 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, to analyze data. The cookies used by Webtrends and Google Analytics for analytical purposes do not contain any personal data. Your IP address is truncated on your computer before being transmitted to Webtrends Inc. and Google Analytics in this anonymized form. Webtrends and Google Analytics do not associate your IP address with any other information held by Webtrends or Google Analytics and only passes data on to third parties if required to do so by law.

You can opt out of Webtrends’ and Google Analytics' future use of cookies at any time via the following opt-out links:

If you opt out of Webtrends’ or Google Analytics' use of cookies, you may potentially not be able to make full use of all the functions on this website. By refraining from opting out, you consent to Webtrends and Google Analytics' processing your data in the manner and for the purposes described.

10. Risks

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. Past performance cannot necessarily be taken as a guarantee of positive trends in the future. Furthermore, prospective investors should inform themselves of the potential tax implications of purchasing, owning and selling investment products in their place of domicile and, if necessary, seek advice locally.

Important legal information - © LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation - All rights reserved - updated March 13, 2018

Last updated March 2022

The protection of your personal data is very important to us. We process your data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and the Data Protection Act. In this Data Privacy Notice we inform you of the most important aspects pertaining to the processing of your data, which we collect when you use our website, social media profiles, mobile apps or any other web applications. This Data Privacy Notice also explains some of the measures used to ensure the confidentiality of the data transmitted and to protect your privacy.

This Data Privacy Notice applies to the website of LGT Group (“Website”). We reserve the right to amend this Data Privacy Notice without prior notice of any changes (e.g. legal circumstances, product or services offering, data processing policy). Any amendments become applicable from the time they are published on our Website. Some pages may contain links to other providers (“Third-party Providers”) within and outside LGT Group, to which this Data Privacy Notice does not apply. The conditions and Data Privacy Notices of the respective Third-party Providers apply for the linked websites and content. We assume no liability in connection with linked third-party websites.

1. Contact with us

If you establish contact with us by e-mail or by using the contact form provided on our Website, your data are used for processing or post-processing of the inquiry, to establish contact and for technical administration purposes.

We collect and use personal data on our Website in order to improve the information, products and services provided, to further align our business processes with the needs of clients and visitors to the Website (“Visitors”) and to ensure efficient access to information and online banking applications.

2. Web server logs

When you use our Website, access data are stored (e.g. log files, IP address, date and time of access, name of the requested file, access status, page from which access is gained, top-level domain, web browser used, operating system used). We use these data for statistical purposes, for technical analysis, to optimize the server infrastructure, to ascertain the frequency of access and to improve user-friendliness and functionality.

3. Use of cookies

Our Website uses what are known as cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser on your end device. They do not cause any damage, and serve only to make it easier for you to use and individualize our Website.

If you do not wish for cookies to be used, you can set up your browser so that it informs you about the setting of cookies and enables you to allow this on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the most commonly-used browsers have a settings option enabling you to block or to disable cookies. Instructions on how to manage cookies on your browser can usually be found under the browser’s help function or in the instruction manual of your end device. For the most commonly-used browsers, instructions on how to disable cookies can also be found at the following links:

- Internet Explorer:
- Firefox:
- Chrome:
- Safari:
- Opera:

Rejecting or disabling cookies, can, however, restrict the functionality of the Website.

3.1 Technically essential cookies

Some cookies are necessary in order for our Website to function. The technically necessary cookies remain stored on your terminal device for the duration specified below. However, you can also delete technically necessary cookies in your browser immediately after using our website.

We use the following cookies:

Cookie/Tag name (type) Provider Description Duration

Stores an identifier to assign page views to a specific user session (Session ID).

LGT-Cookie (HTTP) LGT Stores the cookie banner settings and the settings for external content (maps, videos). 365 days
lgtdomicil (HTTP) LGT

Stores the domicile selected.

30 days

3.2 Statistic cookies

We strive to continuously improve our Website. To this end, cookies are used for website and performance analysis. These are cookies that provide us with overall statistics on the number of Visitors, the pages visited, etc. As a result, we receive statistical analyses, which we use to establish whether the Website is designed to meet the intended needs. Our providers are not able to identify you or to establish a connection with your person during this process.

We use the following cookies:

Cookie name (type) Provider Description Duration
_ga Google LLC

Serves to distinguish between users. Registers a unqiue ID to generate statistical data on how a visitor uses the website.

2 years
_gat  Google LLC

Used to restrict the frequency of queries to Google Analytics.

1 minute
_gid Google LLC

Stores an identifier to associate requests with a particular logged-in user session.

24 hours

You can prevent the use of statistic cookies by not selecting “Statistics” in the “Cookie information” pop-up that appears when you visit the Website and clicking on “Confirm selection”

3.2.1 Google Analytics

provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google").

The cookies used for analysis by Google Analytics do not contain any personal data. Your IP address is abbreviated directly on your computer. Your IP address is sent to Google Analytics in this anonymized form. Google Analytics will not link your IP address to other information held by Google Analytics and will only pass on data to third parties where this is provided for by law. Information on the services and privacy policy of Google Analytics at can be found at:

You can prevent the use of cookies by Google Analytics by not selecting “Statistics” in the “Cookie information” pop-up that appears when you visit our Website and clicking on “Confirm selection”.

3.3 Targeting cookies

When visiting some of our pages, temporary cookies may be saved on your end device by targeting service providers. These cookies are automatically deleted after a defined period of time. Targeting refers to a process that enables the display of target group-specific or individualized content on websites. These cookies contain computer-generated alphanumeric identifiers that do not permit any conclusions about your person or the IP address of your computer.

These targeting cookies are used as follows:

  1. to offer you more relevant and useful ads and to limit the display frequency of certain ads;
  2. to help us improve the effectiveness of our advertising measures;
  3. to display LGT ads when you visit external websites with which we maintain marketing relationships.

This information may be shared with third-party providers and advertisers.

We use the following cookies (for further information see also Section 3.3.1 to 3.3.4):

Cookie name (type) Tool/Platform Provider Description / Privacy Policy Duration
_fbp Facebook 

Facebook Inc.

Stores and track visits across websites (facebook)

90 days
AnalyticsSyncHistory Linkedin Linkedin

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company

30 days
bcookie Linkedin

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company

Stores browser details

2 years
bscookie (HTML) LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company

Stores performed actions on the website

2 years
lang LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company

Remembers the language setting of a user Session
li_alerts LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company

Tracks impressions of LinkedIn messages, such as the cookie banner, and set the time interval between messages 1 year
li_gc LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company

Stores the consent of guests to the use of cookies that are not mandatory 2 years
lidc LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company

For selection of the data center  24 hours
UserMatchHistory LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company

Synchronizes LinkedIn Ads IDs 30 days

You can prevent the use of targeting cookies by not selecting “Marketing” in the “Cookie information” pop-up that appears when you visit our Website and clicking on “Confirm selection”.

3.3.1 LinkedIn

We use conversion tracking on our Website with the LinkedIn Insight Tag, a tool provided by LinkedIn Ireland, Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland. 

For this purpose, the LinkedIn Insight Tag is integrated on our pages and is placed as a cookie on the end device of the Visitor by LinkedIn. This informs LinkedIn that the Visitor has visited our Website. The IP address is also collected in this process. Moreover, timestamps and events such as site views are stored. This allows the statistical analysis of website use in order to optimize use of our Website. As a result, for example, we learn via which LinkedIn ad or interaction on LinkedIn a Visitor came to our Website.

The data may be stored and processed by LinkedIn, such that a connection to the respective user profile is possible and LinkedIn can use the data for its own advertising purposes. 

3.3.2 Facebook and Instagram

We use Facebook Pixel to display our personalized advertising on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Facebook and Instagram are operated by Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Central Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland.

To this end, information about user activity on our Website and further specific personal data (such as Pixel ID and the Facebook cookie) are sent to Facebook using Pixel. In particular, this information also includes http headers and click data. This allows interest-based advertising to be displayed to Visitors of our Website when visiting the social network Facebook or Instagram or other websites which likewise use this function.

The browser establishes a direct connection with the Facebook server due to the marketing tools used. We have no influence on the scope and further use of data that are collected by Facebook through the use of Pixel. By integrating Facebook Custom Audiences, Facebook is informed that a Visitor has accessed one of our corresponding online offers or has clicked on one of our ads. Insofar as the respective Visitor is registered with one of the Facebook services, Facebook is able to assign the visit to the respective account. Even if a Visitor is not registered or logged in on Facebook or Instagram, it is possible that the provider gains knowledge of and stores the IP address and other identifying information. Facebook Pixel enables the measurement, analysis, and optimization of the effectiveness of Facebook ads for statistical purposes and the purposes of market research. We only receive reports from Facebook in anonymized form.

3.3.3 Twitter

We have integrated the remarketing function of the short messaging service Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA on our Website.

This function enables us to target Visitors with interest-based advertising on the Twitter platform. Twitter uses tags for this purpose. Visits to our Website as well as data on use (e.g. all interactions with respect to the advertising displayed, clicks on links, retweets or likes) are collected in pseudonymous, not personal form using this tag. If a Visitor subsequently visits Twitter, they will be shown advertising based on their interests. As a result, Twitter is informed that our Website has been accessed from the end device of the Visitor. If the Visitor is registered with a Twitter service, Twitter is able to assign the visit to an account. Even if a Visitor is not registered or logged in on Twitter, it is possible that the provider gains knowledge of and stores the IP address and other identifying information. The information generated by the tags on the use of our services is sent to a Twitter server in the USA, where it is stored.

3.3.4 Google

Google Analytics Remarketing

We use the functions of Google Analytics Remarketing on our Website in conjunction with the cross-platform functions of Google Ads. The provider is Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

This function enables the advertising target groups defined with Google Analytics Remarketing to be combined with the cross-platform functions of Google Ads. As a result, depending on the previous usage and surfing behavior of a Visitor using an end device, interest-based, personalized advertising can also be displayed on another end device of the Visitor. Where relevant consent is provided, Google combines the web and app browser history with the Google account of the Visitor for this purpose. In this way, the same personalized advertising can be displayed on any end device on which the Visitor is logged in with their Google account. To support this function, Google Analytics collects Google-authenticated IDs, which are temporarily linked with our Google Analytics data in order to define and create target groups for cross-platform advertising.

Google Ads and Google Conversion Tracking

This is the online advertising program of Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States.
We use conversion tracking in connection with Google Ads. When an ad placed by Google is clicked, a cookie for conversion tracking is placed on the end device of the Visitor via the Internet browser. When visiting certain pages of our Website, Google recognizes that the Visitor has clicked on the ad and was redirected to this page. The information collected with the help of the conversion cookie is used for our conversion statistics (e.g. total number of Visitors who clicked on our ad and were redirected to a page featuring a conversion tracking tag).

Google DoubleClick

DoubleClick by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States uses cookies to place ads relevant for visitors, to improve reports on campaign performance or to prevent a Visitor from seeing the same ads on multiple occasions. Google uses a cookie ID to learn which ads are placed in which browser and can thereby prevent the ads from being displayed multiple times. Using cookie IDs, DoubleClick is also able to collect conversions that relate to ad requests. According to Google, DoubleClick does not collect any personal information.

Your browser automatically establishes a direct connection with the Google server due to the marketing tools used. We have no influence on the scope and further use of the data that Google collects with the use of this tool; we therefore inform you according to the best of our knowledge. As a result of the integration of DoubleClick, Google is informed that you have accessed the relevant part of our Website or clicked on our ads. If you are registered with a Google service, Google is able to assign the visit to your account. Even if you are not registered or logged in with Google, it is possible that the provider gains knowledge of and stores your IP address.

4. Incorporation of third-party services and contents

Third-party content and services may be incorporated into the Website (known as externally embedded components or plugins/widgets). These always require that the Third-party Providers of such content use Visitors’ IP addresses, as no content can be sent to the Visitor's browser without the IP address.

We have no control over the amount of information that these Third-party Providers collect by means of the button or as a result of your use of pages that incorporate certain third-party services. If you use the services of Third-party Providers, the responsibility for the further processing of data lies with the respective third-party provider.

On the Website, we use the following third-party products for these purposes:

4.1 Simplex Videos


provided by xtendx AG, Adlikerstrasse 246, 8105 Regensdorf, Switzerland

As soon as you play a Simplex video on a page, information on user behavior is collected using cookies. Simplex generates viewing statistics of the videos and analyzes these. Information about the data collected by Simplex and about Simplex’s services and privacy policy can be found at:

Content from video platforms is blocked on our Website by default. You can prevent the use of cookies by Simplex by not clicking on the play symbol that is shown on the videos. By clicking on the play symbol or the field "Always allow videos" you agree to the setting of cookies and the transmission of personal data to xtendx AG.

4.2 Google Tag Manager

providede by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

Google Tag Manager uses tags instead of cookies and does not collect any personal data. The service triggers other tags, which in turn may collect data.

4.3 Google Maps

provided by Google Maps (API) of Google LLC., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”) shows our locations and makes it easier to find your way to us.

If you click on pages incorporating maps provided by Google Maps, data (e.g. IP address) are transmitted to and stored on Google's systems in the US. Google creates and analyzes user profiles. If you have a Google account and are logged in to this account, your data are also linked to your Google account. You have the right to object against the creation of user profiles, which you can exercise towards Google. Information about the services and privacy policy of Google and Google Maps can be found at:

Content from Google Maps is blocked on our Website by default. You can prevent Google Maps from using cookies by not clicking on the “Load Map” button that appears on the maps. By clicking on the “Load Map” symbol or the “Always allow Google Maps” box, you consent to the setting of cookies and the transfer of personal data to Google Maps.

5. Newsletter

You can subscribe to our newsletter on our Website. To this end, we require your e-mail address and potentially further information for personalization purposes as well as your confirmation that you agree to the newsletter subscription.

Once you have subscribed to the newsletter, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link to confirm the subscription.

You can cancel your newsletter subscription with effect for the future at any time by clicking on the corresponding link in the newsletter. Your data collected in connection with the mailing of the newsletter will then be deleted, unless you have granted explicit consent to the continued use of your data or we have reserved the legal right to continue to use your data.

The mailing of our newsletters and the processing of the data of the newsletter recipients is carried out by contracted providers or their subcontractors, who are based in the EU an are obligated to comply with the GDPR.

6. Data protection

6.1 Data processing

Where we collect further personal data through our Website, you are informed on the corresponding pages. We use the personal data for the processing of which you have given us your consent (e.g. provision of newsletters or brochures) or which are necessary for contract fulfillment or in connection with the initiation of business.

Personal data that we collect via our Website are only used for the purposes that result from the page in question and will be stored until these purposes have been fulfilled. In the event of the conclusion of a contract, the data from the contractual relationship will be stored until the statutory retention or limitation periods have expired.

The data collected on our Website that have been entered by you are forwarded to the competent unit within LGT Group. The data remain confidential during this process. The data are not disclosed to third parties, unless required (e.g. the mailing of newsletters or brochures by a provider).

The use of state-of-the-art security software and certified encoder and encryption procedures ensure that our IT infrastructure complies with international security standards. We have also implemented additional comprehensive security measures and technical as well as organizational measures to protect your data against loss, unauthorized access and misuse in accordance with state-of-the-art technology for Internet access to accounts and custody accounts.

Irrespective of the measures taken to protect your data, data protection and confidentiality may be limited when data is processed via universally accessible media. When using the Internet to send transmissions from a computer, mobile phone or another end device, it cannot by its nature be excluded that third parties can obtain access to your data and in so doing, can draw inferences concerning possible business relationships, or that personal data are transmitted to third countries without our cooperation or knowledge or are misused.

We recommend that particularly sensitive data, especially personal data and data relating to client relationships (account, custody account, transactions, etc.), be transmitted only via secure communication channels. Due to the risks involved, your entry or transmission of personal or business data within the scope of our Website or other digital services is done voluntarily and without any assurances. We do not accept any liability for direct and indirect damages arising in connection with the use of our Website, digital services or their contents.

6.2 Legal basis and purposes of processing

Your data are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest (Art. 6 para. 1 (f) GDPR) for the following purposes:

- As the operator of the Website, we have a legitimate interest in the effective design of our Website, the highest degree of stability and functionality of the Website, the statistical analysis of visitor behavior for optimization and marketing purposes, the targeted advertising or personalized direct advertising and the secure, user-friendly mailing of newsletters.

- Due to the legitimate interest of a Third-party Provider (e.g. Google, Wistia) to incorporate personalized advertising based on Visitors’ surfing behavior or on market research. The third-party providers have undertaken to observe the standard contractual clauses regarding the collection, use, and storage of personal data from EU member states.

Where required, your data can also be processed for the purposes of performance of a contract or the initiation of business contact or on the basis of your explicit consent.

6.3 Your rights

You have the following data subject rights with regard to your personal data (Art. 15 to 21 GDPR):

- The right to information: you can request information about whether and to what extent we process your personal data.

- The right to rectification, erasure and restriction of processing: you can have inaccurate or incomplete personal data rectified or you can demand that your data be erased (e.g. if they are no longer necessary, you have withdrawn your consent, or these data are being unlawfully processed) or that the processing thereof be restricted.  

- Right of revocation: you can revoke your consent for the processing of your data at any time. The revocation of consent is only effective for the future and does not have any impact on the lawfulness of the data processed until the time of revocation. Revocation also has no impact on data processing conducted based on a different legal basis.

- Right of data portability: you can have the data which you have provided to us transmitted in a structured, commonly-used and machine-readable format. 

- Right to lodge a complaint:

if you feel that your rights have been violated by our data processing, you can lodge a complaint with the Liechtenstein Data Protection Office or another supervisory authority of an EU or EEA member state (e.g. in your place of residence or work or in the place where the GDPR was violated).

The contact details of the competent supervisory authority are:

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House, Water Lane
Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF
Great Britain

Phone: +44 303 123 1113

6.4 Right to object

- In individual cases: if the processing of your data is carried out in the public interest or to safeguard legitimate interests by us or a third party, you can object to this processing at any time on grounds relating to your particular situation.

- Direct marketing: you can object informally to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes. In the case of such an objection from you, we shall no longer process your data for such purposes.

6.5 Contact

Please contact us at the following address if you have any questions regarding data protection or wish to exercise your rights:

LGT Group Holding Ltd.
Data Protection Officer
Herrengasse 12
9490 Vaduz

Phone: +423 235 11 22


5.5 Right to lodge a complaint

Data Privacy Notice for natural persons in the European Union or European Economic Area – EU General Data Protection Regulation

Please find the current version of the Data Privacy Notice for natural persons in the European Union or European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as the “Data Privacy Notice”) below. The Data Privacy Notice provides an overview of the processing of personal data in private banking and as part of the recruitment process and the resulting rights of the natural persons concerned in accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
The document also contains the contact details of our data protection officer and the relevant data protection authority.
We reserve the right to amend or update the Data Privacy Notice from time to time and to publish it on the aforementioned website (the respective date of update can be found at the top of the Data Privacy Notice).


Privacy Notice for existing and future clients of LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation


Privacy Notice for applicants


Privacy Notice for board membership mandates, advisory mandates or other mandates


Privacy Notice for contractual partners, service providers and suppliers