Meet our fellows

Jeremy Bedzow (American) International Alliance Analyst at aeioTu

Sherrise Pond (American) Financial Analyst aeioTu

Luciana Lima (Brazilian) International Fundraising Consultant at Healthy Cities Group

Pamela Plaza (Mexican) Marketing & Sales Strategist at Healthy Cities Group

Alex Proimos (Australian) CFO and Business Developer at Healthy Cities Group

Jose Ignacio Barraza (Mexican) Training and Development Manager at Por ti, Familia

Christiane Vorwerk (German) Career Development Program Manager at Enseña Chile

Anita Rivera (Chilean) Business Development Manager at TriCiclos

Bibiana Jurado (Colombian) International Alliance Analyst at CO2Bambu

Ivan Malespin (Nicaraguan) Process Manager at CO2Bambu

Justin Matthews (American) Business Developer/Financial Analyst at CO2Bambu

Clare Zurawski (American) U.S. Fundraising Specialist at streetfootball world

Tim Nichols (American) Technical Project Manager at mothers2mothers

Mairead Cahill (British) Legal/ Strategy Consultant at M-Kopa

Anna-Marie Silvester (Canadian) Product Development Specialist at M-Kopa

Crystal Anievas (Filipino) Managing Director at Rags2Riches

Amandeep Singh (Indian) Country Manager ASHA

Sarah Adeel (Pakistani) PR and Communication Consultant at LGT VP

Hanna Ebeling (German) Business Accelerator Consultant at LGT VP

David Le (Australian) Business Accelerator Consultant at LGT VP

Avani Parekh-Bhatt (American) Fundraising Strategist ASHA

Elizabeth Chacko (American) Strategy Consultant ASHA

Carole Sarkis (French) Expansion Strategy Manager at Aangan Trust

Erin Little (American) Marketing/PR Strategist at Aangan Trust

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