Meet our fellows

Louise Andre (French) Communication Associate at Educate Girls

Alexander Mette (USA) Fundraising Strategist at Educate Girls

Paroma Sen (USA) Marketing & Strategy Fellow at Greenoil

Sheela Vashishta (USA) Expansion and Partnership Fellow at Aangan Trust

Rasto Kiplangat (Kenya) IT/Lead Systems Engineer at M-Kopa

Fabio Henrique da Silva (Brazil) Business Intelligence & IT Consultant at Enseña Chile

Julie Cobill (UK) International Partnerships Coordinator at aeioTu

Julian Antony (India) Country Manager for Meds and Food for Kids

Olga Cruz (Colombia) CFO at Mukatri

Jorge Hernandez-Navarro (Spain) Financial Controller with CO2 Bambu

Pan Pan (USA) Strategy and Business Development Fellow with streetfootball world

Marlene Mueller (Germany)

Ashley Lewis (USA)

Shuyin Tang (Australia)

David Soukhasing (French)

Graham Day (Canadian)

Nicolas Demeilliers (French)

Andrea Piazza (Brazil)

Duan Ye (Chinese)

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