Meet our fellows

All fellow profiles of 2016 at a glance

Jonna Bickel (Germany) Corporate Program Manager with KFI

Laurie Barenblat (USA) Clinical Informaticist with Dr. Consulta

Rodrigo Alarcon (Chile) Business Innovation Fellow with LGT IV Philippines

Marta Pryzyk (Poland) Investment Associate Fellow with IVUK

Diego Ishiy (Brazil) Investment Associate Fellow with LGT IV Brazil

Andrew Herweg (USA) Marketing Manager with Brioche Ltd.

Brett Cooper (USA) Finance & Business Consultant with Brioche Ltd.

William Tetteh (Ghana) Logistics Manager with Brioche Ltd.

Tom Mitchell (USA) Finance & Operations Analyst with BPIL

Ariel Xu Hui (China) Impact Fellow with MamadaV

Elio Tubino (Peru) Research and Investment Consultant with Lumni

Peter Troiano (USA) Instructional Designer with MyDentist

Raliat Sunmonu (Nigeria) Technology Consultant with M-KOPA

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