Measuring and managing our portfolio’s impact on people and planet


We are excited to present our revised impact measurement and management process and our portfolio’s 2021 impact data report.

Our portfolio organizations’ impact lies at the very core of our mission and work. We use proprietary tools and frameworks based on industry best-practice standards to evaluate and measure the social and environmental impact of our engagements. In this report, we explain our revised impact measurement and management (IMM) process for each organization and present our portfolio’s impact reach data aggregated across multiple levels.

Tom Kagerer, Partner at LGT VP, explains the necessity of a robust impact measurement and management (IMM) framework: “Measuring our portfolio organizations’ impact is all about transparency, accountability and learning, for us as well as our portfolio. We have standardized our thematic KPIs and aligned our portfolio organizations’ data to better capture the impact for each of our thematic strategies – health, education and environment.”

Anna Herzog, Controller & Data Manager at LGT VP, adds: “In our ongoing work to enhance our IMM, we spent a lot of time standardizing, analyzing and improving data quality of our portfolio’s impact KPIs. We have become more precise in our work, for example, with a more deliberate differentiation of direct and indirect impact. This entire process has further strengthened the quality of our systems and processes and the robustness and accuracy of our data.”

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