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South Africa has a staggering 48 percent youth unemployment rate, leaving young people at risk of long-term social and economic exclusion. While many lack the skills and access needed to find and sustain employment, employers also face challenges identifying suitable entry-level talent. Harambee is a South African non-profit that partners with over 600 employers to match entry-level jobs with a network of high-potential youth. Harambee also addresses the demand-supply mismatch by working with industry to increase the incentive to hire young people, while providing work-readiness programs to increase the employability of youth. In addition, Harambee engages with governments in South Africa – and beyond – to help steer available resources to reducing unemployment.  


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Our commitment

We invest in Harambee as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s education strategy to support solutions that equip youth with transferable skills and, in turn, promote global learning and employability. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise  

  • Input on 5-year strategy and theory of change  
  • Support on strategic finance and other key topics  


  • Exchange and learning among portfolio organizations  


  • Core funding of sector-specific strategies, targeted interventions, and organizational assessment and redesign  
  • Deployment of LGT Impact Fellows in strategic finance, impact and strategic projects  

In 2022

  • 819 725

    of work-seeker supported

  • 28 649

    work placements

Harambee, South Africa, Youth animation

Harambee, South Africa

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LGT Venture Philanthropy is helping us deepen our impact through both financial support and strategic backing, allowing us to expand pathways for youth to secure economic opportunity.

Kasthuri Soni CEO of Harambee
Kasthuri Soni

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