Lively Minds Improving access to education and care for pre-school children

Lively Minds is a non-profit organization that aims to give pre-school children (ages 3-6) in resource-poor, rural communities in Ghana and Uganda greater access to education and care. By working through local government – such as kindergarten teachers in Ghana and village health teams in Uganda – Lively Minds trains and empowers mothers to provide better care at home as well as run educational playgroups. The goal of the low-cost program, which relies on local materials, is to ultimately improve the life chances and quality of life of children, parents and the wider community.

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Our commitment

We invest in Lively Minds as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s education strategy to support solutions which provide high-quality early childhood education and, in turn, increase children’s readiness to start primary school. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:


  • Introductions to funding partners


  • Core funding to expand senior leadership team and strengthen IT systems

In 2021

  • 1 926

    community teachers trained

  • 22 470

    community mothers trained

  • 642

    community-run playgroups

  • 77 040

    children reached

Livley Minds, Benefits for children

Livley Minds

Benefits for children

The partnership with LGT Venture Philanthropy will enable us to strengthen our institutional capacity and internal systems to support the delivery of our scale-up plan in Ghana.

Naftalin Alison CEO of Lively Minds
Naftalin Alison

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