Peepul Transforming student learning in government schools in India through high-engagement teaching

Millions of students in India are grappling with significant learning gaps. School leaders and teachers are often overburdened with non-teaching duties and lack the skills and incentives to provide an engaging learning environment. As a result, India is facing a learning crisis despite having the largest schooling system (1.1 million schools) in the world.

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Peepul creates high-engagement classrooms to enhance the learning outcomes of students in government schools. The tailored, engagement focused teaching model combines need-specific teacher trainings, rigorous academic mentoring, and sustainable administrative policies and processes. 

Peepul builds strong relationships with the government education systems to co-design and co-implement tailored learning programs embedded in robust mechanisms to measure impact at each step. This ensures the sustainability and scalability of their interventions.

Our commitment

We partner with Peepul as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s education strategy to increase student learning outcomes. Our support spans three areas:

Business expertise

  • Thought partner on long-term strategy
  • Contribution to communications strategy



  • Access to funding and knowledge networks
  • Connection to other portfolio organizations and external experts working in the Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN) space


  • Funding a longitudinal study to examine outcomes of program implementation with the government and deepen the expertise of Peepul’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) team
  • Support building organizational resilience through hiring of second line leadership and improved resource mobilization
  • Deployment of LGT Impact Fellows to strengthen capacities across M&E and Programs teams

In 2023

  • > 10 000 000

    children reached

  • 95 000

    schools reached

  • 325 000

    teachers reached

“We are thrilled to work with LGT Venture Philanthropy to work towards our goal of providing quality education in public schools and strengthening governance systems. This will be a fantastic opportunity to not just scale our high-engagement teaching model but also to leverage LGT’s sector expertise to grow as an organisation and strengthen our functions.” 

Kruti Bharucha CEO
Kruti Bharucha
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