The/Nudge Foundation Boosting urban youth skillsets, rural family-livelihoods and innovation in the development sector

The large-scale social transformation of a country requires not only sustained action, but also the mobilization of the public, private and development sectors. For that reason, The/Nudge Foundation takes a multifaceted approach to tackling three of India’s pressing challenges: low urban employability across one of the world’s youngest populations, the lack of rural livelihoods and the slow pace of non-profit entrepreneurial innovation. With strong partners, a high-tech approach and the latest learning about the hard, soft and life skills needed to thrive – including linguistic, digital and financial literacy – The/Nudge Foundation has already narrowed the gap between young people’s potential and their access to economic opportunity.

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Our commitment  

We invest in The/Nudge Foundation as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s education strategy to focus on solutions that provide high-quality vocational training to tackle the global learning and employability crisis. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise 

  • Input on the theory of change and effective communication of the impact model  
  • Development of a robust impact framework   


  • Work with external consultants to generate real-time insights from data, enabling faster feedback loops  


  • Core funding to strengthen capabilities in technology and data analytics, and develop robust impact management and measurement processes  
  • LGT Impact Fellow   

In 2022

  • 679

    urban youth skill trained

  • 52

    urban youth placed

  • 36 000

    poor and ultra-poor rural families reached

  • 24

    non-profits incubated/accelerated

  • 10

    Fellows placed with one state government

We are delighted to partner with LGT Venture Philanthropy to address the complex challenge of skilling and employment of underprivileged youth.

Atul Satija Founder at The Nudge
Atul Satija

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