African Parks Improved management of critical ecosystems across sub-saharan Africa

African Parks was founded in 2000 in response to the dramatic degradation of Protected Areas in Africa – mainly due to mismanagement and lack of funding. Through its Public-Private Partnership model, African Parks takes on the complete responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of a Protected Area (e.g., a national park) in partnership with governments and local communities. Currently, African Parks manages 22 Protected Areas covering 20 million hectares in 12 African countries – this is the largest and most ecologically diverse amount of land under protection by a single NGO in Africa. African Parks has identified 161 priority areas, covering 4% of Africa’s total landmass, which if well protected, could offer globally significant biodiversity benefits.

African Parks

Our commitment

We invest in African Parks as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s environment strategy to scale up the protection and regeneration of threatened and destroyed ecosystems. We provide comprehensive support across three areas

Business expertise

  • Supporting cross-learning opportunities with LGT VP’s other environment initiatives (e.g., carbon credits/nature units collaboration with Ahueni)


  • Funding of African Parks’ incubation program to support further growth through trusted partners


  • Institutional strengthening to ensure African Parks is well-established to achieve its goal of managing at least 30 million hectares by 2030
  • Placement of LGT Venture Philanthropy Impact Fellows to fill in key vacancies

We are delighted to partner with LGT Venture Philanthropy, a foundation aligned with our mission at African Parks.  LGT VP’s support will enable the protection of critical ecosystems to provide stability and drive conservation-led economies for communities within and around the parks we manage.

Peter Fearnhead CEO
Peter Fearnhead

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