FES Restoring rural livelihoods and ecosystems

Founded in 2001, the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) empowers rural communities in India to secure land rights, strengthen local governance, promote sustainable livelihoods and restore ecosystems. Their focus is on degraded or deteriorating common lands, such as pastures, forests, uncultivated land and water bodies, which not only are used for food, water, livestock and fodder, but also provide carbon sequestration, groundwater recharge and other essential services. As these threatened lands account for nearly one-quarter of the country’s territory – and significantly contribute to climate change and its resulting socio-economic impact – FES is working directly with local and government partners, using policy, open data, technology platforms and deep community ties to scale impact. 

FES Impact
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Our commitment

We have invested in FES as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s environment strategy to scale up the protection and regeneration of threatened and destroyed ecosystems. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise

  • Co-development of capacity-building program for NGO partners  


  • Direct support and funding of NGO capacity-building program to promote scale   


  • Funding to strengthen core functional areas e.g. technology and tools  

  • Hiring of communications expert  

  • Development of carbon feasibility study for revenue generation 

In 2021

  • 262 938

    people reached

  • 31 709

    people benefitting from livelihood programs

  • 288

    village institutions reached

  • 142 993

    acres of land under secure tenure

Foundation for Ecological Security Video, Promise of commons



The valuable support from LGT Venture Philanthropy is helping bolster our efforts in improving the management and governance of over 30 million acres of common lands.

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