Nature for Water Facility Scaling nature-based solutions to improve global water security

The degradation of 90 percent of the world’s urban watersheds has led to water scarcity projected to affect two-thirds of the global population by 2050. The primary cause is poor land use upstream, which reduces water quality and leads to diminished water flow due to high downstream demand. While most communities and institutions rely on expensive grey infrastructure solutions – such as reservoirs, aqueducts and treatment plants – nature-based solutions, including reforestation and sustainable agricultural practices, can offer an effective upstream alternative. The Nature for Water Facility, which is comprised of a team of specialists within The Nature Conservancy, aims to provide local sponsors of watershed investment programs with expert support to centralize resources, share best practices and eventually deliver technical assistance, stakeholder management and implementation services based on local requirements.  

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Our commitment  

We have invested in the Nature4Water Facility as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s environment strategy to scale up the protection and regeneration of threatened or destroyed ecosystems. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise 

  • Advisory board seat to provide oversight on leadership, thought leadership and strategic guidance  
  • Leveraging of experience with carbon in Africa and India to add value to carbon and ecosystem payment strategy  
  • Development and execution of pathways for financial sustainability 


  • Leveraging of partner, support advocacy and fundraising networks  


  • Core funding to support operational set-up, including team, governance, branding, systems and strategy  
  • Advisory support around set-up of new water funds and scale-up of 10 existing water funds  

In 2021

  • 400k

    tons of carbon sequestration

  • 26 000

    people with enhanced economic opportunity

  • 4 000

    4,000 kms rivers with improved management

  • 8 000

    ha wetlands with improved management

We are fortunate to have access to LGT Venture Philanthropy’s guidance and established network of partners as we seek to write a new chapter in innovative and scalable environmental solutions.

Justus Raepple Director and TNC program lead for the Nature for Water Facility tus Raepple, Director
Justus Raepple

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