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Oceans are vital because they not only provide food and livelihoods, but also produce half of the planet’s oxygen, circulate most of the global carbon cycle and absorb over 90% of the heat from greenhouse gas emissions. As destructive fishing methods and global warming pose an increasing threat, marine protected areas (MPAs) – which account for less than one-tenth of oceans today – are helping to replenish ocean life and benefit coastal communities. Pristine Seas, an explorer-in-residence program within the NGO National Geographic Society, supports the establishment of MPAs, where damaging practices are banned or limited. Using science, exploration, media and policy, Pristine Seas works with governments and partners to implement MPAs and safeguard the future of this essential ecosystem.  

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Our commitment

We invest in Pristine Seas as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s environment strategy to scale up the protection and regeneration of threatened and destroyed ecosystems. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise 

  • Thought partnership on the Blue Economy study outcomes and next steps  
  • Leveraging of experience in marketing carbon credits with extensive networks  


  • Assistance in recruitment process for partnerships director   
  • Capacity-building of partners to support scale-up strategy   
  • Incorporation of best practices from other portfolio organizations   


  • Funding of operational capabilities, including consultants to develop the strategy for local community engagement in a bottom-trawling and feasibility study, and the methodology to create the first bottom-trawling carbon credit  

In 2022

  • 26

    Marine Protected Areas created

  • 7m

    km2 of cumulative area protected

We are grateful to partners like LGT Venture Philanthropy, which share our passion for the ocean and are equally committed to protecting it. With their support, National Geographic Pristine Seas will conduct research, tell stories, and work side-by-side with Indigenous Peoples and local communities in the Pacific Islands region.

Jill Tiefenthaler National Geographic Society Chief Executive Officer
Jill Tiefenthaler

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