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Africa has the world’s most significant disease burden yet the lowest ratio of healthcare workers per population, with governments limited in their capacity to implement complex healthcare strategies. Given the projected shortage of six million healthcare workers by 2030, AMP Health has been working with governments in 14 African countries to boost their leadership and management capabilities and, in turn, their community healthcare systems. AMP Health plans to expand its programs in Community Health, Immunization, Malaria and Non-communicable Diseases to 19 countries by 2024.

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Our commitment

We have invested in AMP Health as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s healthcare strategy to focus on models that deploy impact-generating, cost-effective community healthcare solutions for underserved communities. Because long-term success is contingent upon sufficient government capacity to adopt and replicate models on a national scale, our engagement is focused in three areas:

Business expertise

  • Improved framework for monitoring, evaluation and learning to better track impact 

  • Transition strategy for countries no longer in need of direct support 

  • Board member  


  • Funding of national and subnational activities for partnerships and geographic expansion e.g. Malawi, Liberia, Mali  


  • Funding of key staff salaries for improved business development, country management support and learning 
  • Deployment of LGT Venture Philanthropy Impact Fellow to fill key vacancies  

In 2022

  • 12

    active Management Partners

  • 22

    teams supported through AMP Health Partners

  • 13

    country partnerships

  • 271

    individuals trained through AMP Health Partnership

LGT Venture Philanthropy’s system-wide approach is an excellent example of the type of commitment required to strengthen health systems at scale.

Dr. Robert Newman Director AMP Health
Dr. Robert Newman

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