Financing Alliance for Health  Helping governments strengthen the financing of public health systems

Sub-Saharan African countries suffer from the most severe shortage of health workers in the world and face systemic financing challenges. As a result, many community health programs remain fragmented or trapped in the pilot phase due to insufficient or inaccessible international and domestic funding. The Financing Alliance for Health (FAH) is an African-led partnership that acts as a facilitator between finance and health representatives in both national and subnational governments. Through innovative financing pathways and private sector involvement, FAH helps governments strengthen and scale their community healthcare systems for better health outcomes and return on investment.  

Financing Alliance for Health Logo
Financing Alliance for Health Logo

Our commitment

We invest in FAH as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s healthcare strategy to focus on models that deploy impact-generating, cost-effective community healthcare solutions for underserved communities. Long-term sustainability is contingent on government having the capacity to adopt and replicate these models on a national scale. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise

  • Input on organizational strategy and other key topics such as the Africa Frontline First Initiative   
  • Effectiveness review of board structure and composition  


  • Leveraging of network to increase visibility on FAH’s role   
  • Collaboration with strategic partners e.g. Gates Ventures  


  • Funding of various operational costs needed to execute organizational strategy, such as salaries for key hires  

In 2021

  • 5

    ongoing engagements

  • 1 200

    total stakeholders engaged

  • 4 484

    stakeholders trained/capacity built

Financing Alliance for Health, Strategy video

Financing Alliance for Health

Strategy video

Building on their ongoing institutional capacity support, LGT Venture Philanthropy continues to be a holistic partner at this critical inflection point of our growth and strategy.

Dr. Angela Gichaga CEO of FAH
Dr. Angela Gichaga

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