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Founded in 2007 in Liberia, Last Mile Health (LMH) is the NGO that aims to put a high-performing health worker in every underserved community, no matter how remote or hard to reach. LMH recruits, trains, compensates and supervises village-based community health workers who are equipped to perform comprehensive home-based care. These trained community health assistants are proving especially instrumental in diagnosing and treating 75% of the most common and preventable causes of death in rural villages. Due to the NGO’s success in Liberia, LMH has been invited by other African countries to provide support in their efforts to scale up and improve community health solutions.

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Our commitment

We invest in LMH as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s health strategy to focus on models that design, scale, strengthen and sustain digitally empowered solutions to provide high-quality primary healthcare in underserved communities. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise 

  • Input on overall organizational development and strategy development  
  • Support on launch and establishment of an African hub in Ghana  
  • Advisory board membership   


  • Assistance in establishing standardized unit cost framework with another LGT Venture Philanthropy portfolio organization, Financing Alliance for Health 
  • Cross-portfolio knowledge exchange to increase portfolio synergies e.g. between digital in-service training solutions for community health workers 


  • Combination of restricted and unrestricted funding for broad support e.g. programs, finance, reporting and development of strategic plan  

In 2022

  • 184 072

    people directly served by LMH

  • 1052

    Community Health Workers directly supported by LMH

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Last Mile Health


Last Mile Health has been honored to partner with LGT Venture Philanthropy since 2018. The LGT team approaches philanthropy with a holistic approach that has provided both the technical and financial resources to grow our organizational capacity to better deliver on our mission to save lives in the world's most remote communities. They have been invaluable partners in our organization's growth, allowing us to now serve more than 5 million people in partnership with 4 African governments.

Lisha McCormick CEO of Last Mile Health
Lisha McCormick

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