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The prevalence of HIV in Africa continues to have an immense effect on local communities, in particular the mothers who are HIV-positive or suffering from AIDS-related illness and, due to their own knowledge gaps and fear of stigma, may not practice health-seeking behavior. African NGO mothers2mothers (m2m) was founded to employ women living with HIV as community health workers. Because these ‘Mentor Mothers’ understand the distinct social and cultural challenges in their own communities, they are better able to deliver life-changing health services and health education – either in clinics or door-to-door – to women, children, adolescents and entire families. Since its founding in 2001, m2m has continued to improve community health, provide meaningful employment to HIV+ women and prevent new HIV infections on a significant scale.  

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Our commitment  

We invest in mothers2mothers as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s health strategy to focus on models that design, scale, strengthen and sustain digitally empowered solutions to provide high-quality primary healthcare in underserved communities. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise 

  • Close collaboration on strategic topics through our board observer role  
  • Support in the re-positioning of m2m as a universal healthcare provider delivering more than HIV-related services 
  • Development and support of resource mobilization strategies to increase unrestricted funding  


  • Introduction to Google’s AI for Social Good initiative  
  • Knowledge-sharing from other LGT Venture Philanthropy portfolio organizations    
  • Connection to the Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC) 


  • Unrestricted funding  
  • Funding for core operations, expansion, organizational capacity-building, fundraising, head-office capacity and advocacy  
  • LGT Impact Fellows 


  • 856 473

    new patients treated

  • 1 283

    mentor mothers employed

  • 171

    sited operated by m2m

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LGT Venture Philanthropy is a rare breed of donor – one prepared to invest flexibly into building the overall capacity of an organization for impact and scale.

Frank Beadle de Palomo m2m President and Chief Executive Officer
Frank Beadle de Palomo

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