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In sub-Saharan Africa, the elevated number of maternal and child deaths from preventable and treatable causes is a consequence of the limited access to reliable healthcare. Not only are the quality of care and facilities poor, but barriers such as cost, distance and women’s lack of decision-making power may also prevent at-risk patients from receiving critical, timely assistance. Muso, a non-profit organization, designs and deploys scalable, proactive healthcare systems to provide universal healthcare through door-to-door visits of trained, salaried and supervised community health workers (CHW). For patients with complex needs, Muso provides rapid access to free clinical care. Muso also delivers technical assistance to governments to help them improve their CHW-led universal healthcare systems  

MUSO, Community health worker in Mali
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Our commitment

We invest in Muso as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s health strategy to focus on models that design, scale, strengthen and sustain digitally empowered solutions to provide high-quality primary healthcare in underserved communities. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise

  • Support in the implementation of best-in-class HR policies, including a performance management system, to attract, retain and develop top talent  


  • Leveraging of network to reinforce partnerships in Europe and facilitate introductions to Europe-based donors


  • Core funding to enable scale-up in new market, including hiring of management team and coverage of key operational expenses, such as amenities, new office set-up, systems, travel and processes 

In 2022

  • 88 181

    sick patient evaluations

  • 459

    of Community Health Workers trained, salaried and equipped

  • 45

    clinic upgraded

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A solution, a new way of reaching every patient early, is within our reach, and we’re grateful to be accompanied by LGT Venture Philanthropy on this mission.

Dr. Ari Johnson CEO and co-founder of Muso
Dr. Ari Johnson

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