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India’s relatively high maternal mortality rate is a consequence of low access to affordable and high-quality healthcare. As primary health facilities are often far away and costly, many at-risk patients avoid seeking early medical attention. In addition, the care received may be compromised by the facility’s infrastructure, equipment and human capabilities. Founded in 2014, the Wadhwani Institute for Sustainable Healthcare, or WISH Foundation, is a non-profit organization that steps in to operate and upgrade primary health centers through process improvement and digital innovation. By working closely with state governments, WISH improves the quality of care and cost effectiveness in the public healthcare system to benefit both rural and urban communities.  

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Our commitment 

We invest in the WISH Foundation as part of LGT Venture Philanthropy’s health strategy to focus on models that design, scale, strengthen and sustain digitally empowered solutions to provide high-quality primary healthcare in underserved communities. We provide comprehensive support across three areas:

Business expertise 

  • Input on the 3-year strategy and effective communication of the business model in collaboration with BCG 
  • Development of a robust impact team and framework    


  • Work with external consultants to develop data dashboards for state governments and strengthen governance systems 


  • Core funding to develop robust, automated and integrated systems and processes, as well as strong governance at the organizational level  
  • Reinforcement of research, learning, and monitoring and evaluation  

In 2022

  • 56 624

    people reached through WISH- run clinics

  • 532

    health clinics upgraded digitally


Wish Foundation


The financial support from LGT Venture Philanthropy shall accelerate our efforts to provide access to affordable healthcare solutions to 100 million underserved in India by 2027.

Rajesh Singh CEO of WISH
Rajesh Singh

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