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Shangrila Farms

Shangrila Farms provides market access to farmers.


Investee Shangrila Farms, founded 2009
Location China
Sector Agriculture
Funding start 2013
Funding type Convertible debt




Shangrila county-level city is one of the 73 poorest counties in Yunnan Province, with an average annual household income of USD 2623. Because of lack of market access and bargaining power, villagers in Shangrila have to bear the below-the-market price offering and thus unable to sustain the families by selling coffee and honey.


  • Shangrila Farms purchases organically grown coffee beans/honey at a premium (~12% above market price) from local farmers, and distributes through online/offline sales channels after proper processing and packaging
  • The company organizes regular bee-keeping trainings, gives away free bee hives, and implements drip irrigation projects to increase overall capacity and realize local sustainable development

Impact depth

Thanks to Shangrila Farms’ work:

  • The annual household income has increased by USD 1020, up by 28%
  • The local capacity in bee-keeping has been strengthened and expanded through trainings, water saved in coffee growing process, and food safety improved in coffee and honey for consumers

Shangrila Farms furthermore contributes to:

  • Increase household income: Increased household income by 28%
  • Improved public health: Improved health condition of consumers
  • Empowerment: Consumption choices
Impact Reach 2012 2013 2014 2015
# of farmers impacted (coffee purchase) 1'676 1'280 1'292 1'938
# of farmers impacted (honey purchase) 768 1'672 3'808 5'712
# of farmers trained in beekeeping 535 1'210 2'450 4'600



By investing in Shangrila Farms, we align with and contribute to eight of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.