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Tòhe provides disadvantaged children with art lessons and funds art programs.


Investee Tòhe, founded 2006
Location Vietnam
Sector Education
Funding period 2013-2016
Funding type Grant; debt




  • In Vietnam, disadvantaged children are not offered the same educational opportunities as mainstream students and visual arts is usually excluded from their curriculum due to cost
  • Efforts have been made in the country to address this issue, yet challenges still exist with unqualified teachers and undeveloped curriculums
  • Art education can be instrumental because not only does it motivate children’s creativity, it also helps develop their identity and social competencies


  • Tòhe provides weekly visual art classes for disadvantaged children organized by Tòhe-trained art teachers in various NGO and community owned social welfare centers in Hanoi
  • Selected artworks from the children are used as prints for lifestyle products such as carry bags, cushion cases, laptop cases etc.
  • Part of sales profit are reinvested into the art development program

Impact depth

In addition to providing an avenue for fun and expression, Tòhe’s visual arts development program for disadvantaged children also focuses on increasing creative, perceptual and cognitive skills with the aim to help them improve social competencies.

Tòhe contributes to:

  • Increased income: Tòhe provides children with an opportunity to see that art can be a trade
  • Improved education: Practical art allows children to express themselves and improve motor skills
  • Social inclusion: Participatory art encourages expression of feelings and thoughts. The group lessons and “play” method allow and encourage children’s social inclusion
  • Empowerment: Creative arts can present avenues for disadvantaged children to freely express themselves
Impact Reach 2013 >2014> 2015
# of provinces Tòhe is present 2 2 2
# of children attending Tòhe's art classes 120 70 180
# of classes conducted 159 102 250
# of centers reached 5 2 6